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International charity event

"Ambulance for Ukraine"

The brave will win!

The war within cycling distance from your home


The war is closer than you think - at a cycling distance from your home!

OUR MISSION To draw attention to the mistake that cost the lives of hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers. Ambulances handed over to military paramedics to evacuate the wounded from the battlefield are considered military aid. European charitable organisations, guided by their policies and/or their beliefs, avoid donations for the purchase of such vehicles. In reality, a wounded soldier is just a wounded person, helping to save his life is the first duty of any philanthropist.

OUR GOAL To obtain a policy statement on this issue from the British government to transfer ambulances from the list of military aid to the list of humanitarian aid. To buy 15 ambulances for Ukraine, torn by the war.

OUR PLAN To ride a bicycle for 2500 km through 15 European cities to raise funds to save lives and to remind everyone that the war is still going on!

WHEN DID IT TAKE PLACE On July 19, members of the best Ukrainian cycling clubs set off from the front line to the Ukrainian-Polish border with the flag of the 132nd Battalion of the Airborne Assault Troops. On July 24, we met them at the border and set off on a trip across Europe. On August 7, we finished in London.

YOU CAN HELP Spread the word about the project! Donate any amount towards purchasing an ambulance! Become a volunteer!

JOIN The project is organised by the UUF team who have sent more than 70 ambulances to Ukraine since the war began.
Andriy is from Lviv and has lived in London for over 20 years. Before the war, he helped children enter British schools and universities, but with the start of the war he devoted himself entirely to volunteering.
Mykola is from Lviv, geologist, kin cyclist, volunteer. Helps deliver cars to Ukraine.
Dmytro is from Ivano-Frankivsk, and has been living in Munich for over 2 years. IT specialist who is actively involved in volunteering.

These guys have covered 2,500 km on bicycles to find like-minded people and help Ukraine.
After all, those who are fighting deserve support!

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We will invest your donation in the human lives of brave people who dare to fight for the right to be called Ukrainians, and we will purchase an ambulance with these funds. We are sure that your contribution will save dozens of brave lives!

Participants of the ride


Andriy Velhosh

Education adviser | Volunteer UUF

Mykola Mandziak

Geologist | Volunteer UUF

Dmytro Mula

Programmer | Volunteer UUF

"Crew" of the ambulance

Vita Vorobiova

Host | Volunteer UUF

Tania Holiuk

Student | Volunteer UUF

Daria Sichkar

Student | Volunteer UUF

Sviatoslav Bereziy

Auto service owner

Oleksandr Hulitskiy

Construction company owner

Maryan Hrygel

Construction company owner

Oleksandr Ilchenko

Volunteer UUF

Partners and sponsors of the event

British-Ukrainian Aid

Travel expenses sponsors. Fewer ambulances would reach Ukraine without theіr help.

Embraceme Foundation

Financial transactions. Without them, our donators would not be able to transfer us money.