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Andriy Yarmolenko funded an ambulance for his hometown

The story began with Andriy's meeting with a group of volunteers, including representatives from the UUF team organised by Oleksandr Ilchenko. The idea to buy and send an ambulance equipped with an important cargo for one of the hospitals of Andriy's hometown was born just then.

The car was purchased in Wales, where it was kindly agreed to be taken to London by Aled Meirion Jones, a doctor who by that time had already driven several ambulances to Ukraine. When Aled found out who donated money for the car, he offered to take it to Chernihiv.

The journey began directly from the West Ham United F.C training grounds.

An interesting curiosity is connected with this case. Aled, a football fan, the night before he left, decided to check whether the Ukrainian national team had ever met the national team of his native Wales. What was his surprise when he found a friendly game in which Ukraine won. Guess which of the Ukrainian players scored the only and winning goal! An interesting coincidence did not spoil the mood of the brave volunteer.

Along with Andriy's ambulance, two more of our vehicles went to Ukraine, one purchased at the expense of ST.Swithuns school and the other with the funds raised by the Plast London volunteers. The event was covered by journalists of the Ukrainian TV channel Inter.

The cost of the trip was kindly covered by our friends and partners from British-Ukrainian Aid.

At the meeting, Andriy gave several autographs, one of which helped to do another good deed, read about it here.


Andriy Yarmolenko was the sole donator in this case. Trip expenses to Ukraine were kindly covered by our friends and partners from the British-Ukrainian Aid Foundation.

Andriy Yarmolenko

British-Ukrainian Aid

Rudolf Yagor

Service & preparation for the trip

The car was serviced in the garage of our key team member Svyatoslav Berezii.

Sviatoslav Bereziy

Cargo provided by

The cars were loaded with medicines and food.

The medicines were collected and provided to us by the Plast London.

PLAST London Branch

The drivers

The vehicle was taken from Wales to London, and then from Londo to Chernihiv by the volunteer Aled Jones

Aled Meirion Jones


The ambulance was taken to Chernihiv Hospital.

Other involved

The meeting with Andriy where the idea of this project was born was organised by volunteer Oleksandr Ilchenko

Oleksandr Ilčenko


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