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Buy an ambulance for Ukraine

*an ex NHS ambulance costs £8,000-£10,000 Donate

What is UUF?

Fellowship /ˈfel.əʊ.ʃɪp/ - a group of people or an organization with the same purpose
Cambridge Dictionary

We are a group of people with the purpose of saving lives in Ukraine torn apart by the war. We believe Ukraine will be reUnited soon and become one of the most thriving countries in Europe.

What do we do?

Our main project at the moment is purchasing ex NHS ambulances, loading them with disposable medical supplies eg. bandages, dressings, sanitizers etc. and shipping them over to Ukrainian hospitals. Our ambulances are saving lives in the most affected areas of the country.

Why UUF?

Charity is not our job, it's our passion. We came from different backgrounds as soon as the war began to help Ukraine.

We work directly with hospitals and medical organisations in Ukraine. We thoroughly verify every request and make sure the aid is being deliverd to the right people in the most effcient way.

One day we might create a separate charity fund. At the moment we prefer being informal to invite more passionate members to our team. All our activities are being oversean and processed by a registered charity Embraceme (1172342)

If you are passionate about saving lives and helping people of Ukraine please get in touch.

How do we work?

An ambulances can be purchased using collected funds from small donors as well as funded solely by separate business or individuals.

Purchase an ambulance

Vehicles are being purchased through UK offical traders. All payment are made through our partner charity account.

Servicing and loading

Each vehicle is being serviced and loaded with disposable medical supplies and food provided by local hospitals and charities

Shipment to Ukraine

Vehicles are driven to Ukraine by volunteers and handed over to a hospital representative at the border.

We stay in contact with every recipient and keep our eye on each vehicle delivered. We help to maintain and keep them in working order throughout their deployment.

Our results in numbers

We are very happy about our achievements and don't hide them


ambulances purchassed

exc those sent with our assistance, purchassed by our friends


tonnes of medications delivered

2-2,5 tonnes per vehicle shipped


spent to purchase ambulances

exc thousands of pounds worth of disposable medical supplies given to us free of charge

Our cases


Andriy Yarmolenko funded an ambulance for his hometown

World know footballplayer and real patriot of Ukraine donated a full amount towards purchasing a vehicle and sending it over to Chernihiv's hospital.

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mdeical cars

St Swithun's School purchased an ambulance for UUF

One of the leading girls only UK Independed School made a full payment direct to the trader and handed yhe vehicle over to UUF to be shipped over to Borodianka, a small town next to Bucha and Irpin in outskirts of Kyiv.

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Our team

Our story began with a one man Oleksandr Hulitskiy. When the war began, Oleksandr started researching ways he could help and came across a disused ambulance for sale. He purchased the first ambulance out of his own pocket. Soon after he was joined by 3 friends:

Oleksandr Hulitskiy

Construction company owner

who purchased the first ambulance out of his own pocket.

Maryan Hrygel

Construction company owner

who brought his experience in financing to the table and helped to raised funds to finance the first few vehicles

Sviatoslav Bereziy

Auto service owner

who plays a major role in servicing each vehicle to prepare for the long journey ahead

Andriy Velhosh

Education Consultant

who brought his experience and connections in independent education sector and took care of marketing and social media

The group has been joined by marvelous people, professionnals from various fields, donors and volunteers, why don't you join our team as well?

David Addis

IT Specialist, videographer

who is creating video content for UUF.

Yulia Kapshuchenko-Shumeiko

Ukrainian philologist, communicator

cultural manager, public figure, founder of the Taras Shevchenko festival "She.Fest". UUF volunteer.

Pamela Addis

A Systems Designer

bringing experience in Business Processes and Systems, who is now also helping with administration within UUF.

Galya Upson

Property Investor, Developer

who draw a few investors to the appeal and helped to raise funds


We collect reports for every shipment and keep our eye on every vehicle throughout its service.

Media about us

Ways to donate

Our partners

British-Ukrainian Aid

Travel expenses sponsors. Fewer ambulances would reach Ukraine without theіr help.

PLAST London Branch

Vital loads providers. Without them our ambulances would go half empty.

Embraceme Foundation

Financial transactions. Without them, our donators would not be able to transfer us money.